About Us

About Us

Ekous was formed to provide acoustic solution for various spaces. Each product can flexibly and individually be integrated into modern concepts for the interior design of living and working spaces.

The solutions provided by Ekous are an expression of the company’s command of its passion for interior acoustics combined with colors and functionality. Furthermore, Ekous stands for innovative product design with a focus on sustainable architecture and interior application using only recycled materials.

Every solution we offer intrinsically bundles professional skills in addition to our individual skills in acoustics and spatial creativity. Ekous collaborates with architects and interior designers for acoustic design and materials specification. We provide customers with support and consulting on/off site through our network of selected dealers.

About Us

What makes EKOUS special

Ekous is an innovative acoustic material that delivers exceptional reverberated control. Made from high-density recycled polyester in various thickness design absorb 90% noise respectively.


Point_2Its excellent sound absorption properties make it ideal for noise-sensitive environments such as theatres, auditoriums, recording and broadcasting studios retail areas, call centres, classrooms and board rooms, among many others.

Ekous comes as lightweight, semi-rigid, easy-to-handle sheets. They are prefinished, frameless and can be cut on site to fit, avoiding the difficulties associated with fabric-wrapped acoustic panels. Ekous can be used on walls or ceilings or framed to create unique modular feature panels.

Point_4It can be custom-printed with any image, colour or pattern or supplied as custom cut shapes and combination.